Grapefruit Diet Pro And Con
Grapefruit juice enhances the fat burning process resulting in quick weight loss.
The diet is intended as a jumpstart for the dieter, not as a long term weight loss plan.

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Grapefruit Diet

Benefits of Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit are rich in vitamin C as well as other micro-nutrients, certain phyto-chemicals and fiber. Grapefruit diet have certain advantages like:

  • Grapefruit diet is low in calories, full of vitamin C, and contains beta-carotene

  • It can also protect against infection and cancer

  • The white pith contains pectin and bioflavonoids which makes grapefruits an excellent antioxidant food

  • Early results from US researchers suggests that eating grapefruit really does help reduce the risk of developing diabetes

  • Enzymes in grapefruit help to reduce insulin levels and encourage weight loss

  • This diet is incredibly easy to follow

Negative Aspects of Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit diet is a low calorie diet. Here are some of its downsides.

  • The shortage of calories and the amount of caffeinated beverages one has to drink make this diet dangerous, as it can result in dehydration.

  • On the other side also, the diet is deficient in fiber, protein and several important vitamins and minerals.

  • The diet is lacking in essential vitamins & minerals and as a result you may feel dizziness or low energy levels throughout the diet.

  • It relies too much on a single food, hence it is too restrictive. 

  • Since it also lacks sufficient iron, calcium, and many vitamins, this diet is not healthy.

  • The diet is strictly short-term

  • The diet doesn't help changing your usual eating habits, which actually need to be to gain permanent weight loss, the weight you lose will likely be regained back over time.


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