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The idea
behind every Grapefruit Diet Plan is that you eat half a grapefruit before every meal, to enjoy the benefits of the fat-burning enzymes.

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Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit Diet Plan And Menus

The best thing about Grapefruit diet plan is that it helps one to lose approximately 10 pounds in 12 days and that too without controlling the appetite. The juice of the grapefruit encourages the fat burning process. Along with the exercise, which is part of the Grapefruit diet plan, useful results can be achieved.

Please note these things before taking a meal

  • Very hot or very cold foods should not be taken.

  • Food should not be cooked in aluminum pans

  • The duration between protein meals and starch meals should be at least 4 hours.

Grapefruit Diet Breakfast Menu :

  • 2 eggs boiled

  • 2 slices of bacon

  • 1/2 grapefruit or 8 oz. grapefruit juice without adding sugar

Grapefruit Diet Lunch Menu :

  • 1/2 grapefruit or 8 oz. grapefruit juice without adding sugar

  • Salad

  • Any style meat in any amount.

Grapefruit Diet Dinner Menu :

  • 1/2 grapefruit or 8 oz. grapefruit juice without adding sugar

  • Salad with or a red or green vegetable cooked in butter or spices.

  • Meat or Fish cooked any way.

  • Coffee or Tea (1 cup)

Bedtime Snack :

  • 8 oz cup of skim milk.

The above plan will definitely suit you, but for a balanced diet that is really good for health, it is important to select small servings from each of the following five food groups to plan your daily menu:

Carbohydrates Fruits Vegetables Dairy Products Proteins
3-4 servings daily 4-6 servings daily 2-4 servings daily 1-2 servings daily 2 servings daily
Whole Grain Bagels, Corn Flakes, Low sugar cereals, Bran Muffins, Pasta, Rice, Whole Grain Bread, and Potatoes. Oranges, Papayas, Plums, Strawberries, Pears, Apples, Melons, Grapefruit and Bananas. Spinach, Peas, Corn, Salad, Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery, Asparagus and Broccoli. Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, and Cottage Cheese. Tuna without Mayonnaise, Crab, Lean Steak, Skinless Chicken, Fish, Beans, Lentils and Eggs.


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