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The Chemical Compound In Grapfefruit Could Be Used To Fight Obesity

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Grapefruit Substance Found To Be Effective In Obesity Prevention
Published On : July 24, 2009

A recent study showed that a flavonoid substance found in citrus fruit including the grapefruit has an extraordinary weight loss effect. This substance known as Naringenin tends to burn fat instead of storing it. Naringenin has a dramatic power, instead of following strict diets all one needs to do to prevent weight gain or even to lose weight is to take a bite of grapefruit.

Apart from helping weigh loss in obese people, naringenin has also been observed to balance insulin and glucose levels in people with diabetes, say researchers. This substance is particularly found in grapefruit and is the reason for its bitter taste. Weight loss experts have long believed that eating grapefruit may reduce weight, but there was no way to testify this because it involved far higher doses of naringenin than would be accessible by consuming grapefruit. It may have to be concentrated into supplements in order to have such an effect.

At the University of Western Ontario, the Robarts Research Institute’s team carried out a test on mice. These mice were divided into two groups. One of the groups was given liberal doses of naringenin but the other was not. The mice were fed a rich diet similar to western food, so that their “metabological syndrome” could be speeded up - this was believed to be a major reason for development of type 2 diabetes in humans.

Results from the test showed that the first group which does not take naringenin behaved as expected, i.e., their cholesterol level rose and their bodies became insulin resistant. Also, they grew obese and developed symptoms of diabetes. The second group, though, were fed naringenin and so they continued to exhibit normalcy. Naringenin was found to offset any rise in cholesterol levels and the fat from the western food was burnt up instead of being stored.

Professor Murray Huff who is a lead researcher in this test confirmed that the obesity in the second group mice is completely prevented by naringenin. He also said that one thing unique about this study was that the naringenin effects were independent of caloric intake. All the mice were fed equal amount of food and there was no suppression of food habits in the mice. This means that all the mice had the same amount of caloric intake. Also the test proved wrong a common notion that the level of obesity depends on the level of food intake, i.e, the conventional strategy to reduce food intake in order to reduce weight. The actual remedy to reduce weight is to take in liberal doses of such substances as naringenin.

Professor Murray Huff believes that naringenin is the future solution to correcting many metabolic disturbances in the human body and to reduce the insulin resistance of the body. The researchers plan to develop this substance into a drug that can be launched in the market to help people to ward off obesity and to fight diabetes.


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